Engage one of Australia's best event facilitators for media awareness, presentation skills training, improved corporate performance and professional, seamless corporate presentations

His clients often refer to him as the ‘perfect link man,’ particularly during tightly-scheduled corporate stage presentations and award ceremonies.

As a media practitioner, Peter skilfully puts his client’s communication needs first and always presents key messages with credible adlibs that reflect a high degree of integrity.

Media awareness and personal presentation skills training for improved corporate speech making and media performance is provided by Peter for many of Australia’s top CEOs and senior managers.

Peter Meehan preparing to shoot the video for Centenary of ANZAC First Shot at Portsea Victoria

As a key note speaker, Peter can also share anecdotal stories from his 30 years spent working in the media.

Peter Meehan is a journalist, broadcaster and former state and national representative racing cyclist and private pilot. He came to prominence in Melbourne during the 1980s and 90s as a breakfast radio host.